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Psychiatry EMR

Want an affordable EMR for psychiatry practice ?

Take a serious look at UniCharts™ behavioral health electronic medical records system. Whether you are a psychiatrist or psychologist, you will find this EMR fully sufficient for your psychiatry-specific clinical documentation and workflow needs:
Developmental Hx - Psychosocial Hx - Substance Abuse Hx
Past Mental Health Treatment - Past Medication Trials - Mental Status Exam
Current Stressors - Global Assessment of Functioning - Multiaxial Assessment
One-time $850 for a 4 user standard key - All data on your hardware, in your control
Starting at just $850 one-time fee for a 4-User standard and $1350 one-time fee for a 4-User certified license key, this is a low-cost EMR psychiatry practices can instantly implement without any financial constraint.
Certified Electronic Medical Records for Behavioral Health
UniCharts EMR™
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Standard Or Certified ?
Standard version is for behavioral health practices who are cash-only, or who are located outside the US, or who are not eligible for or do not want US government stimulus funding. Contains all the features that psychiatry practices normally need. Starts at only $850 for a 4-user lifetime key.
Certified version is for behavioral health practices who are eligible for stimulus funding offered by the US government and also want to avail that facility. Includes features of the standard version plus functionality needed to avail meaningful-use stimulus funding. Starts at only $1350 for a 4-user lifetime key.
Incorporating the best of technologies, UniCharts™ is the most advanced behavioral health EMR software in terms of functionality and user interface design. Easy to learn, it takes just a few hours to know the EMR system in and out. Although fully customized for behavioral health medicine and ready-to-use out of the box, it allows psychiatrists/psychologists to further customize it to best suit their style and documentation workflow needs. We have focused on making the customization process itself so straightforward and effortless that any psychiatrist can easily edit chart forms to depict his or her own style of documentation. This unparalleled customization capability of our behavioral health EMR software let physicians decide themselves what they want (or do not want) to appear on their chart forms and other sections of the chart, down to each and every bullet item and menu list option.

Do I need an Internet connection to use this EMR system ?
Not at all. UniCharts is not a web-based ASP solution. Instead, it is a browser-based EMR system that physicians download and install on a computer within their practices just like any regular program or application. Unlike a vendor-owned web-based solution, users have FULL CONTROL and OWNERSHIP of their data as it resides in the database embedded with the program. To use our EMR, physicians or clinic's staff members just have to open an Internet Explorer browser window from a terminal/computer over the LAN, point it to the login page, provide credentials and log in. If there is no network or for some reason a physician wants to use it alone, the EMR may be installed on a desktop, laptop or Tablet PC of the doctor and used through a browser window from that very same computer. In either case, there is absolutely no need for web or Internet to use the program or access patient charts stored within the medical records system.

Then why this EMR solution designed to run on a browser ?
A browser-based EHR solution has many advantages over a traditional thick-client system. At the foremost, it needs to be installed on just one computer on the local network. This single-installation architecture significantly reduces deployment and maintenance hassles. It is inherently easier to secure and maintain a browser-based program. It is also much easier to install periodic updates to the software as only the EMR server needs to be updated. And last but not the least, a browser-based EMR is Internet enabled by default and can be used to serve as a personal ASP. If the practice/clinic have a permanent IP address (you get it from ISP companies when you subscribe to DSL or a similar connection) and the local network is configured for outside communications, users can access the program in much the same way from a remote location such as a second office, hospital or nursing home with Internet connectivity. Few EMR solutions offer this kind of flexibility and capability.

Which behavioral health subspecialties can use this EMR ?
UniCharts is being used in almost all behavioral health subspecialties, including:
  • Adult psychiatry
  • Child and adolescent psychiatry
  • Geropsychiatry
  • Emergency psychiatry
  • Neuropsychiatry
  • Addiction psychiatry
  • Psychosomatic medicine
  • Forensic psychiatry
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Behavioral Neurogenetics
  • Psychosis Intervention
  • Mood and Anxiety disorders
  • Clinical psychology
  • School psychology
  • Psychotherapists and counselors
Regardless of your subspecialty, we recommend you first download and install our behavioral health electronic medical records software in evaluation mode. This would enable you to thoroughly evaluate the EMR system in a loaded environment of your psychiatry or psychology subspecialty before making any larger investment of time and money. The evaluation mode is full-featured except that it has a programmatically imposed limit of 20 patient charts. In case you later upgrade to a regular license, we will send you a key that will remove the 20 chart restriction and impose a limit on the number of users according to the strength of key that you may have purchased. As such, you will not have to re-install the EHR software and your existing data would remain intact.

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