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Pricing Structure

The following tables list prices of the software and support packages for UniCharts™ electronic medical record system. Note that although you may proceed with a license key (4-user, 8-user etc) of the software right from the start, we recommend that you first download the program to try it out in evaluation mode. If you do so and later decide to purchase a key of our EMR Software, you will not have to reinstall or re-customize the program as your purchased key would remove the restrictions from the same installation and your data would remain intact.

Standard UniCharts™ EMR
The standard version of the EMR contains all the features that physicians normally need to run their clinical practices effectively.
Key StrengthPriceIncludes
 4 User Key  -  standard version$850
License includes one (1) year of email support and software updates within the same major version. The updates will be provided if and as they are released within the year via the autoupdate utility built into the UnCharts™ server component. Note that the license itself is a one time expense and it never expires. Annual support renewal is entirely optional.
 8 User Key  -  standard version$1650
12 User Key  -  standard version$2400
16 User Key  -  standard version$3100
20 User Key  -  standard version$3750
24 User Key  -  standard version$4350
Annual Support (OPTIONAL)
First year of support is included with the license key and renewal for subsequent years is optional.
Support For:PriceDetails
 4 User Key  -  standard version$160
Annual support renewal is OPTIONAL. First year of support is included with the license key and renewal for subsequent years is at user's discretion. If renewed, the annual support comprises of email support and software updates that may be released during that year. Valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase.
 8 User Key  -  standard version$320
12 User Key  -  standard version$470
16 User Key  -  standard version$610
20 User Key  -  standard version$740
24 User Key  -  standard version$860
All prices and policies are subject to change without notice.

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