Clinical Quality Measure
CMS125v2 (NQF 0031) - Additional Measure

Breast Cancer Screening

Percentage of women 40-69 years of age who had a mammogram to screen for breast cancer.

NQS DOMAIN:   Clinical Process/Effectiveness

Description and Implementation within the EMR software

Denominator: All female patients 40-69 years of age with at least 1 encounter during the reporting

Numerator: Patients in the above mentioned list who had a mammogram to screen for breast cancer. UniCharts looks for the custom code QM031A: [Quality Measure] Breast cancer screening performed, results documented and/or reviewed (3014F) or QM031X: [Exclusion] Breast cancer screening not performed due to unilateral/bilateral Mastectomy within the PROCEDURES/SERVICES section on the ENCOUNTER form as the required documentation.

Exceptions: None

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