Clinical Quality Measure
CMS147v2 (NQF 0041) - Additional Measure

Preventive Care and Screening: Influenza Immunization

Percentage of patients aged 6 months and older who received an influenza immunization during the flu season (between October 1 and March 31).

NQS DOMAIN:   Population/Public Health

Description and Implementation within the EMR software

Denominator: All patients who were 6 months or older during the meaningful-use reporting period and had at least 2 encounters (1 encounter in case of a preventive care visit) during the period.

Numerator: Patients in the above mentioned list who received a dose of influenza vaccine during the reporting period. UniCharts looks at the HEALTH MAINTENANCE section on the HISTORY form to determine whether the vaccine was administered and on what date. The system only includes those doses that were given between October 1 and March 31 during the reporting period. Also note that the system identifies any particular vaccine by its CVX code that the user provides in the customization area when defining that particular vaccine item in the HEALTH MAINTENANCE section. For this measure, you must define the vaccine using the CVX code 15, 111, 140 or 141.

Exceptions: The system will look at the KNOWN ALLERGIES section of the HISTORY form for any contraindications. If influenza vaccine is contraindicated for a patient, this fact should be recorded in KNOWN ALLERGIES section of the HISTORY form with allergy name exactly matching with the vaccine name.

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