Knowledge Base  -  Article 0052  
Fields Mapping

In addition to the dropdown menus, you can map Insurance Carrier and Insurance Plan fields with appropriate fields within the IN1 segments. The Carrier and Plan fields are both present in the Insurance blocks on the General form of every chart, as shown below.

Note that even though free-text can be entered on Carrier and Plan fields, both of these fields also have dropdowns associated with them. Whether you will be using ID or Name for the Carriers, and ID or Name for the Plans, we recommend you enter those IDs or Names in favorite lists so that they become available in the dropdowns menus. Depending on the requirements of target system who will consume the messages generated by EMR, you should first decide whether you would be using IDs or Names. And then add those IDs or names in the favorite list as shown in the below screenshot. This would speed up data entry and prevent typing errors whatsoever.

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