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Dropdown Mapping

An outgoing interface allows mapping of related HL7 fields with options on the dropdown menus that exist on the General form of charts within the EMR software. The Advanced configuration screen has five sets of paired fields and each set represent a dropdown menu on the General form, as shown below.

Please be aware that it is not necessary to map an option by entering a value on its corresponding field and that you can also repeat the same value in multiple fields if needed. For example, the UniCharts "Gender" dropdown contains four options, MALE, FEMALE, TRANSGENDER and BLANK. A sample mapping for these options could be MALE=M, FEMALE=F, TRANSGENDER=T and BLANK=U. But you can also map them MALE=M, FEMALE=F, TRANSGENDER=U and BLANK=U if it serves the purpose. Similarly, you may leave BLANK (or any other option) without a value if you want BLANK to have empty string instead of U as its value.

Note: The "Ethnicity" dropdown is only available on "Meaningful Use" version of the EMR system. Similarly, the "Race" dropdown in standard version contains a different set of options than those available on the "Meaningful Use" version. Therefore, in case of using standard version of EMR the exported HL7 messages would contain empty PID-22 field, regardless what you enter in the configuration tool's mapping field, and PID-10 will have the value mapped with the dropdown options present in the standard version. This implies that if you configure an outgoing interface while on the standard version of EMR software and later upgrade the system to meaningful use version, you should revisit the configuration tool and remap PID-10 and PID-22 fields as appropriate.

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