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How do I enable a laboratory/radiology interface channel?

The outgoing and incoming interfaces channels are available on the "EDI Interfaces" tab on the EMR server as shown below.

Note: If you don't see this above tab on your installation, then you may have to update your program online. Visit Help menu on the EMR server and select Update UniCharts option to download the update. After downloading, just restart the program and it will install the update automatically. Do not forget to make a full system backup before proceeding.

As evident on the "EDI Interfaces" tab shown above, the three outgoing channels are enabled by default and you just have to do the configuration settings and start one or more as needed. However, a key is needed to enable an incoming interface channel before it could be started. You (or your lab) can purchase an interface channel key online anytime on the "HL7 Interfaces" page on our website. Once you receive the 16 character alpha-numeric key, just go to File menu , select Upgrade License option and enter the key into the dialog box that opens.

You will have to restart the EMR program after entering the key to apply it. Once the program restarts, the "EDI Interfaces" tab will show one incoming channel as enabled and ready to be configured as needed. In case you need to enable the second channel in future, just acquire another key and repeat the process.

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