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HL7 Interfaces

Inbound Interfaces
UniCharts EMR system imports laboratory and radiology results through its three inbound HL7 interfaces. Each of the three interfaces allows connecting with one separate entity and, as such, it is possible to import results from up to three different laboratories and/or radiology clinics.
Purchasing an activation key:
In most of the cases, the laboratories or radiology companies pay for the interface and it is not a burden on the practice. The companies understand that paying the interface fee on your behalf will encourage you to continue to use their services. Therefore, if you are interested in an inbound interface, you should first contact the company’s representative to see if they would be willing to acquire the interface on your behalf.

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Outbound Interfaces
UniCharts EMR software exports patient demographic and billing information through its three outbound HL7 interfaces. As above, one interface is meant for communicating with one entity and therefore it is possible to send HL7 messages up to three separate practice management and/or billing programs. Each of the interfaces is independently customizable and, as a result, can be used to connect to a wide variety of applications. You may even use the outbound interface to send demographic update messages to laboratory system to create a bi-directional interface with it.

The outbound HL7 interfaces are available free of charge and enabled by default. Anyone with some basic knowledge of HL7 and who also knows the HL7 specifications of target application should be able to configure an interface within minutes.

HL7 Interfaces
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