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Cardiology EMR

Affordable Electronic Medical Records for Cardiology Want an affordable EMR for cardiology practice?

UniCharts™ EMR is a perfect solution for your cardiology-specific clinical documentation and workflow needs. Starting at just $850 for a 4-User lifetime license, it is an EMR cardiology practices can instantly implement without any reservations or financial burden. You can even download and install the full-featured electronic medical records software in evaluation mode on your computer or network. This would enable you to customize the EMR system according to your cardiology practice's needs and thoroughly evaluate it in a loaded professional environment before making any larger investment of time and money.

UniCharts is a specialty-friendly electronic medical records system fully customizable to the unique needs of cardiology practices. Instead of imposing charting rules, our EMR facilitates cardiologists to provide a data set themselves that best suits their style and determine the documentation workflow that best conforms to their thought process. We do not believe in offering a plethora of templates and medical terms usually compiled through assembling bits and pieces written by different physicians at different times. These templates are difficult to use as they reflect a deterring mix of many styles and thought processes. On the contrary, we have focused on customization process itself making it so straightforward and effortless that any cardiologist can easily compose chart forms that depict his/her own documentation style. The unparalleled customization capability of our cardiology EMR software let physicians themselves decide what they want (or donít want) to appear on the encounter form and other sections of the chart, down to each and every bullet item and menu list choice. Although customizing may initially call for a few hours of your time, this hugely simplifies the charting process in actual patient encounters later on. By structuring encounter form yourself and populating lists/menus with medical terms and phrases in your own verbiage, you will instinctively know what to find, where to find and how to find it. This approach has proven to be least taxing on a physicianís mind while documenting patient encounters. Below are some screenshots that demonstrate how a cardiologist may transform various sections of chart forms to meet his/her specific requirements:

Cardiology EMR Encounter Form Cardiology EMR Encounter Form.

From a cardiac physicianís perspective, the encounter form is the most important part of a cardiology electronic medical records system. For fast and effective documentation, our EMR allows for all encounter related information to be displayed in a structured manner on one single screen.

Cardiac HPI, ROS and Physical Examination Cardiology HPI, ROS and Physical Examination.

The HPI, ROS and Physical examination sections are all customizable by the cardiologist to the extent that he/she can not only alter the contents of these sections but also change the order of these sections within the encounter form.

Cardiology ICD and CPT Codes, Orders and Medications Cardiology ICD and CPT Codes, Orders and Medications.

The electronic medical records software allows for all ICD and CPT codes, medications and orders relevant to the cardiology specialty to be assembled in favorite lists where they can be accessed by the cardiologist with a single click.

Cardiac Consultation Note Cardiology EMR Consultation/Encounter Note.

An encounter/consultation note is automatically generated on the basis of clinical information entered on the encounter form. The generated note can be edited and saved for later retrieval or printed/faxed directly.

Cardiology Document Management Cardiology EMR Document Management.

Any number of folders can be created in document management area of the EMR for keeping specialized scans and reports. This helps in organizing diverse document types that exist in cardiology clinics so that they are easily accessible when needed.

This is by no means a complete list of features, functionality and customization possibilities for cardiology electronic medical records. Please see our EMR Screenshots page for a more comprehensive list of generic EMR features. And you can always take a live Test Drive to explore the EMR software in realtime. No registration is needed.

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